Me - o rly?

Who are you?

To steal a bit better done by our friend porphyre:

Who are you?

I don't know how obvious it is, but I will talk to and take friend requests from anybody. I already have issues with names - one guy will tell you I could never remember his name in person, but even he doesn't know we had been Facebook friends for a couple weeks before I connected Dave the person with Dave the name. (It doesn't help that his profile picture isn't is face.)

So: Who are you? How's it going? What do you like doing? Why do birds suddenly appear when you are near? And anything else you'd like to add.

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It's like when you switch from the plunger you've been using for the past several years which you purchased because it had a drip holder thing but was smaller than your old one and eventually developed a crack at the top of the bell which reduced the available water pressure for plunging and go back to the big black motherfucker that feels about a pound heavier and nearly breaks the plumbing when you first plunge it since you're used to the subpar plunger and yet the old plunger still fits nicely in the drip thing.